80 Menorahs

80 Menorahs

_DSC2746Menorahs. A few months ago, I interviewed a 92-year-old woman who collects menorahs. Each one of them was beautiful, and there were over 80 of them.

I collect things too: vinyl records, glass bottles, perfume from different countries…but nothing so special as what Ms. Dratel has delicately placed in her home.

What really pleased me when interviewing Ms. Dratel was her clear fondness and pure enjoyment of her finds and also the fact that she could remember where each one came from.

Not only does Ms. Dratel enjoy her collection, but she enjoys when others appreciate it. Her eyes seem to be lit as bright as candles when someone marvels at the menorahs with her.

_DSC2762And while I am not Jewish, I can certainly appreciate these beautiful menorahs and their important role in the Hanukkah celebration. Happy Hanukkah!

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The article may also appear in the JewishWorld.

(photos by me.)